Midwest Kindness

I’ve been wanting to create a collection of clothing items inspired by my upbringing in the Midwest for a while now, and I’m finally getting started! The intention is to create a wearable capsule collection using Midwestern inspired fabrics and materials, all purchased secondhand. Because the materials are sourced secondhand, everything made will be made in a limited run. Here’s a first look!

Blue skies, rolling hills, billowing clouds. Green everywhere. A barn stands alone. “Cows!” I shout as we drive on by to the closest place we can get to that isn’t here. Why is everyone always trying to leave? Do other kids grow up expecting the same? My adoration for the Midwest came later in life. Big dreams of quick-paced city living were soon replaced by the appreciation of a calm, smooth landscape. In autumn the sky turns teal and the land turns golden brown. Nothing will ever feel more like home to me than this. I wish everyone could see the beauty that lives here.