Summer Hot Take

It's August. A lot has changed for me this summer and I'm really excited about it! After taking some time away from the blog, reconnecting with old friends, acquiring a new roommate, and taking control of my mental health, I have had a very productive past few months. A lot has been inspiring me. I'm feeling great most days of the week and I really do think it's because I'm relearning how to draw and paint. It's something that I've done since I was a kid, but after a four-year hiatus I am back on the horse and practicing every single day. Drawing has helped curb my anxiety and while I'm focusing on what I'm working on, I actually stay focused. I've worked with most mediums except oil paint, so I'm starting again at the basics with acrylic and gouache, and will soon work my way up to learning how to oil paint. 

I've always struggled with calling myself an artist, but I have always wanted to be considered one because I've been creating my whole life. However, I've never felt like I could own up to that title mainly with the fear of other people thinking I was not deserving of it. Instead, I've referred to myself as a creative (and I am, but they're not mutually exclusive). I've talked about it with the people around me a million times, what does it really mean to be an artist? Well, this summer I've been working on overcoming that fear and just fucking own it. I created a second Instagram account just to post my creative projects i.e., comics, drawings, paintings, textile work, etc. I also now just tell people that is what I am. It doesn't matter what it 'means to be an artist'. I am an artist. Not because I currently draw and paint, but because if I'm not working on creating something, then I feel uncomfortable. These hands itch to be building something out of nothing, or other somethings.

Simply putting together an outfit, to me, is my most obvious form of artwork. It's something that I've been doing for a very long time. Personal style- an outward expression of who I want to be that day. Proportions, textures, lines, colors, and shapes all have to be considered. The same things that I consider when starting a painting. They're also things I consider when styling for photo shoots. Now, I find myself practicing my drawing skills and using photos of myself or friends as references. The clothing in the photo makes a difference for me, I like now being able to merge these two passions. It's been really fun and hopefully I'll start posting some of my artwork on here! In the meantime, follow my other instagram account @styletongue and maybe I will update on there sometime soon as well, haha.

The outfit featured below I wore on August 2nd. I wanted to embrace the fact that it was summer, so this is what I wore. 

Shirt dress is thrifted pajama dress, shoes are Vans x Madewell, sunglasses, purse, and necklace are all vintage.