Starting Over / by Katie Turner

If you've been following along with my blog at all, then you know how many changes there have been as of late. After many redesigns, including starting a whole new blog (RIP Sustainably Kate), I have found peace in my decision to start fresh as Style Tongue. Ultimately, I was unhappy with the way my site was designed, and as I continue on being the busiest I've been yet, my posts will be less frequent. I like the idea of having a website that has a blog aspect, as compared to feeling the pressure of keeping up with a consistent blogging schedule. I'll be the first to admit I'm not a blogger, but I do enjoy having a creative outlet where I can share all my interests. I look forward to work on this site, and I thank you for your patience and understanding throughout all of this! 

This outfit post is to highlight my favorite vintage camel coat. Here I have paired it with previously bought items. As part of me trying to live sustainably, I am trying to wear what I already own and only shop if it is sustainably or ethically made! I did have a weak moment though as the rings are Madewell. 

I thrifted this coat two years ago at a local Savers. It was a great find and I loved how different it was compared to other camel coats. The large lapels on it are what I feel give it it's uniqueness. 


Chicago weather has been so kind lately, allowing me to wear my camel coat and loafers all the way into December. Typically, outfits like this only would've lasted until mid-November! 

As you can see, I take these photo shoots very seriously... 

As you can see, I take these photo shoots very seriously... 

All photography by Elisha Knight.