What is Style Tongue?

Style Tongue started in 2014 as an outlet to share my love of fashion, but has since changed into a hub to share all the things I care about. On here you will find ethical fashion brand highlights, environmental issues, DIY tips, clothing repairs, trip stories, personal essays, and personal textile work.

"Stand up for what you stand on"

About Me:

I am Katie. I am a feminist, environmentalist, ally, vegetarian / sometimes vegan, young woman who laughs at almost anything and writes some things down on this website every now and then. I love textiles and the history behind them, repairing clothing, binge watching tv shows on Netflix, collecting old things, being outside, ocean conservation, rearranging my room, and animals. I work for a super rad company called Patagonia that allows me to make great relationships with people that also want to save the planet, repair clothing (#ifitsbrokefixit), and support ethically produced clothing. 

For collaborative inquiries please contact me by email: styletongue@gmail.com.